Be Unique, Different and Unforgettable: Corbett Barr’s Guide To Being a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

“The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage.” – Thucydides

It’s Time To Live a Remarkable Life

Over the last three years I have dabbled in creative ways to support myself, but my main focus was on spending much of my time learning about myself. I felt that finding inner fulfillment at the time was the most important thing, and would make the process or pursuing my business ideas a lot more enjoyable.

I devoted my life to exploring myself and exploring the world. It has been an amazing ride living in the Czech Republic, Costa Rica, and now South Korea. Much of my time has been spent meditating, reading, writing, and enjoying the simple things in life.

It’s basically been my own Masters program in understanding myself and the world. The result is that I have emerged as a totally new person and have a whole new approach to life. As a result many of my business ideas went into the back burner.

Now I am ready to focus on the business side of things. I will be trying to take my blogging efforts to a new level, with the aim of providing as much value as I can and designing my life around the work that matters to me.

I know I have a unique perspective to offer and right now I am working the specifics of it, getting really clear on what I want to contribute to the world. The emphasis will be on how I can help others break free of their limiting beliefs to live a remarkable life, a life based on joy and contribution.

People like Corbett Barr of Free Pursuits have been a big source of inspiration for me, and his work has helped me get clear on what I need to work on for my own projects to succeed. Thanks Corbett.

One thing has been made really clear to me in these last few years, which is that whole game has radically changed forever, you really can do anything you want and help others in the process. You just need to know exactly what it is you want, know what you have to offer,  and work really hard.

So today I would like to invite you to visit Corbett’s site and download his new FREE guide “18 Months, 2 Blogs, Six Figures” that will inspire and show you how it is totally possible to live the life you want. I know he has helped me out with several of my own questions and doubts related to my online business projects.

The old systems are collapsing, no one really knows where all this is headed, but it is becoming increasingly clear that the future belongs to people who are creative and posses the entrepreneurial spirit.

Make sure you don’t get left behind, its time to be unique, different and unforgettable.

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12 Responses to Be Unique, Different and Unforgettable: Corbett Barr’s Guide To Being a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

  1. Hi Ivan, wonderful to keep following you and reading about your inner and outer journey so to speak :). I will download Corbetts books and read it. As you say, things have been changing and it’s good to be aware of things and how to be flexible in these times. Keep up the great work!!

  2. Thanks for turning me on to yet another great site. I look forward to exploring both your site and his.

    “The future belongs to people who are creative and posses the entrepreneurial spirit.”

    What a great line!

  3. Awesome! That ebook was incredible. You have been an inspiration for me as I start my sabbatical. Part of this sabbatical is self exploration. I think many times we get caught up in a life that while safe and comfortable doesn’t allow us the time to figure out who we are. I’m making the time with this move to find out who I am, what it is I really want and what I have to offer the world. Thanks always for your insight and encouragement Ivan.

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