Coming Back To America

Yes, I am coming back to America. Well, at least for two weeks I am. It has been nearly two years since I have seen my family, and you have no idea how much I crave my moms home made Enchiladas.

I’m like how can it already be two years? Then I sit down to meditate and in my mind’s eye I rewind my life as if I am watching a movie, as I begin to speed up the film, all the people, places, and things of the last few years pop up in my consciousness.

I have so many beautiful moments to be grateful for. Life is good. The only drama comes when I switch my focus to all the current events happening around the world.

This mental exercise puts the two years in perspective. After seeing how much I did and how much I changed, the two years feels about right. I am acutely reminded of life’s transitory nature.

“The reason they call it the American Dream is because you have to be asleep to believe it.” – George Carlin

I am very happy to see my family next week, but if it wasn’t for them I have no particular desire to return to America. I have been away for a long time now,  and by having that distance I saw America for what it was. At least from my point of view and in respect to the life I want to lead. I saw that it was no longer the America I grew up in. It didn’t happen over night. It changed little by little that now it is nearly unrecognizable. Somehow not enough people noticed this because it was so gradual and we have terrible memories.

To me America is no longer home of the free and the land of opportunity.

The lifestyle they offer me is also not very appealing. As I got clear on my needs I had no desire to become a slave to the “American Dream”. That dream was no longer my dream. It was never my dream to begin with. They just made me believe it was what I needed to strive for. America needed me to believe it.

It all changed when I tasted the beauty of living simply. I didn’t need much material wealth to feel content. Yes, I had my Tyler Durden realization. I think it’s also becoming obvious that our current economic and money system has been stretched to its limits. The corporate assumption of unlimited growth has been extremely dangerous and now it is beginning to really implode. A consumption based economy is destructive and inefficient. If Aliens are watching us they must be laughing at us. How could we base our whole society and economic system on a finite resource such as oil?

The younger generations have been sold out and our Government is fully in bed with the major Corporations which have grown to be more powerful than standing armies. Democracy is just a label used for PR purposes. The merging of State and  Corporatocracy is defined as Fascism. To me this is now more of an accurate representation of America. Terrorism is also such an ambiguous thing that allowed them to amass incredible power.

Last time I visited  I sensed such a deep complacency with most people and that really saddened me.

Time flies and we need to do something worthwhile with our time on Earth. In order to create a brighter future we need to change ourselves now. By being complacent you allow external influences to determine the life you lead. Its been over 4 years since Obama took office and nothing has changed; it has only gotten worse. Four years came and went, how much time do we need to say enough is enough to see that no significant changes ever happen through a politician or the establishment. When will people realize that the whole effort of politicians is not about progress, but the illusion of progress while keeping things the same.

I feel the time is ripe for revolution. Only this time for it to be a true revolution, we need a revolution in a individuals consciousness. We need an Age of Enlightenment to return.

We need more Da Vince’s, Einstein’s, Yogananda’s, who when presented with problems will solve them creatively. Politicians only stifle growth.

We can’t expect change when we have a fat, unhealthy, systematically dumb downed populace, who spends their time on mindless entertainment.

Remember that an intelligent human being capable of critical thought is the biggest enemy of the state. They need you to be stupid and controllable through fear.

I for one can’t return to being just another white sheep in the herd. I’ll happily be a black swan no matter what consequences that may bring. Once you see what’s possible there is no going back. Yes, I swallowed the red pill a long time ago. I am Neo in the Matrix and right now I am in the midst of destroying Mr. Smith. See you on the other side.

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6 Responses to Coming Back To America

  1. Hello, I am tait. Your blogs are very thought provoking and have confirmed many of my thoughts through out life. I live in the states, I am aware that have a grown here. I am also aware that i would like to spend my future elsewhere. Many ideas as to how to go elsewhere. Not sure how to get that first step in motion though.

  2. I see you’ve developed a strong resentment of America. It’s funny, because over the last few months I was coming to appreciate it a bit more (and before I was the kind of person to make EXTRA sure not to be registered for the vote).

    Granted, most of the people living here have a very distorted perception about life. But I wouldn’t trash everything about America yet. Thanks to the internet, Americans are opening up to different ways to be. It’s obvious that the “MONEY = HAPPINESS” formula is coming apart at the seams just reading about the lives of the rich and famous. I wouldn’t go so far as to view it as something to be purged, or even improved, it’s more like it’s beginning to be READY to change itself.

    • Thanks for sharing and contributing to my site Jon. I really appreciate your point of view. Peace.

  3. I have experienced moments of revelation about living in America myself and wonder why so many still want to come here to “live the American Dream”. The only thing that phrase does is to set up false hope that our lives can be so much more meaningful than they are right now just because we reside in the USA. Sure, some have made it “big” while others strive. I am sure if you can be happy with a slight improvement for yourself and family then it is viewed as a blessing. Those of us who are born American though I feel are the most disillusioned with life in the States because… well maybe, think it is our birthright to have everything and more. Greed is not just with government officials but with the population also. When people realize that happiness comes from within and they can be the Peace they wish the world experienced, then things will change. You are changing, the change started within you; all change has to start within the individual taking responsibility for themselves and not thinking a country, or worse yet a country’s government, is going to save them. In a grander view of “All”, it is good. I am so happy for you that you are living your Truth and I wish others would at least find their truth. Then they might start living it instead of living how they think others want them to live. “Change is growth; if you are not growing you are dying.”

    • Having lived abroad myself, I can relate to your feelings. After four years living in Japan, it took me two whole years to readjust to American life! However, we live in a world of duality, so all the “bad” you see in America is balanced by all the “good” it contains.

      Also, it’s important to realize that we don’t see the world as it is – we see it as we are.


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