Plan a Trip and Free Your Mind

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” – Jawaharlal Nehru

plan a trip free your mind(editors note: Guest post by Alexandros Stamoulis from

Plan a trip and free your mind

We can fairly say that travel is a gateway not only to incredible places, but also to experiences, feelings and memories that would otherwise be inaccessible. Setting out on a group trip, whether alone or with a group, allows us to broaden our mind, truly get to know ourselves, and meet so many remarkable people. So why don’t we travel more?

Whether we fear the loss of our comfort zone, think our finances aren’t suited for world travel, or simply can’t escape the daily grind, barriers so often block our way to traveling around the world. To resolve this, we need to act boldly, book a trip, and see where it takes us. By simply planning a trip, we’re already on the way to freeing our mind through travel.

Choose the right destination

There’s much to be said about spontaneity, but think about the places you’ve always wanted to visit and the sights you’d love to see. Find a place that best fits your personality and goals at this stage of your life and you’ll get the most out of the experience.

plan your trip free your mind

Travel with the right people

If you choose to go on a group trip, put some thought into the people you choose to travel with. While it can be a lot of fun sharing a trip with friends, you don’t want other people bringing you down or limiting your travel experience.

Choose to travel with friends who have similar personalities and travel ambitions to you, and work together to create an understanding of what you’d like to see and do. Alternatively, don’t be afraid to travel independently!

Leave your baggage at home

You know those suitcases you’re planning to fill for your trip? Leave them at home. You won’t need half the stuff you pack, and you’ll miss out on the wonderful sensation of knowing that everything you need is on your back.

Choose a backpack that’s portable enough to bring on public transport, and question how important everything you put inside it really is. For longer trips you’ll obviously need more than short weekend breaks, but truthfully, it shouldn’t be much more.

Leave your baggage at home and you’ll feel freer both mentally and physically.

plan your trip free your mind

Embark on your inner journey

By traveling to a new location and experiencing a different culture we are at a prime position to turn our attention inward and think about ourselves.

Question how you approach situations, people and cultures while you’re on your trip. Do you feel you’re a different person abroad than you are at home? If so, which side of you do you think is the most genuine?

Enjoy the silence

Be quiet, make yourself still, silence any frantic thinking, and enjoy the peace around you. Even if you’re in the busiest city, look for the calm that lies beneath the traffic, continual shouting, and noisy music.

If you can’t get away from the noise, embrace it. Focus on the noises around you rather than the chatter going on inside your head, and you’ll be well on the way to freeing your mind.

Observe the world

If you have a routine at home that you rarely stray from, it’s unlikely that you practise mindfulness. Travel is the perfect opportunity to change this. In an unfamiliar place we can’t rely on our habits and routines, and we’re forced to focus on the present and the details around us instead.

Think about the ground you’re walking on, the movements you’re making, the sights you’re seeing and the smells you’re sensing. Engage all of your senses and you’ll avoid sleepwalking through your trip.

Make memories

Spend time with your group or socialize with locals in order to create memories you won’t want to forget.

Also, take some time alone to appreciate your destination and create a space in your mind to remember those incredible sunsets, the awe-inspiring monuments, and the nature you can’t find elsewhere.

So, don’t postpone it or say you’ll do it later. Book your trip, travel to incredible places, and free your mind in the process.

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(editors note: Guest post by Alexandros Stamoulis from

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