Wake Up! Don’t Wait To Live Your Life

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Howard Thurman

If you are a regular reader of mine, you may have noticed that I have not been posting as much as I used to. Just to keep you in the loop I have been really busy with getting ready for my next move to Busan, South Korea. Also in this last month I have lost two very special people, my grandmother and the mother of one of my best friends.

To say the least having these two special people pass away was life’s intense reminder to not take anything for granted. The moment we are born we are dying; life truly is a precious gift. What I am about to say is nothing new nor earth shattering, but it is something that cannot be said enough. Life’s advice to us is this: “wake up and live your life”. Even though biologically you may be alive and breathing the unfortunate fact is that most are not living. To me in the universes grand scheme of things, life is essentially meaningless, it is up to me to create meaning and purpose for my life, it is my responsibility.

Awakening Awareness

Most live monotonous robotic lives because they have yet to develop a deep understanding of themselves and are busy thinking of the past or imagining the future. Totally neglecting the only thing that matters, which is life in the present moment. So by living I mean bringing total awareness to whatever you are doing. Even little things such as drinking tea, with enough awareness anything can be creative. Living a life of awareness will keep you grounded and centered into existence. Living in the space of simple awareness you are one with your actions, you are still able to use your mind yet remain above your thinking processes.

I was fortunate enough to be with my grandmother in her last moments of being aware and conscious. Over several days’ her body was technically alive but she was no longer with us, there was no more awareness left. Life is dynamic, constantly changing, to experience all the dimensions that life has to offer we must learn to live intensely. What I mean by living intensely is to be totally aware of your body, thoughts, feelings, and emotions. When you learn to be aware of these different aspects of your being you will be aware of your own awareness.

If you continue to grow your awareness with time this will become the predominate state of your being. When you live like this you are able to experience the richness of life, you lead a life of harmony in both your inner and outer worlds. Being in harmony means you have developed enough awareness to let your heart learn to feel, and your mind to think clearly, you don’t allow them to mix. Whenever the heart gets mixed with the head (or vice versa), the different aspects of your being become corrupted, your judgment becomes clouded. Through meditation you develop a calm even mind that is able to use reason and logic, and a heart that is able to feel deeply, you become more loving and compassionate.

So is awareness something that can even be cultivated? The short answer is yes, but this has to be something that you genuinely want to discover on your own. Awareness cannot be given to you by anyone or anything unless you apply it to your life and gain your own understanding.

Methods such as yoga, tantra, and meditation will help you become more aware because they help you transcend your thinking mind. They give you the direct experience of creating enough space to dis-identify and become un-clutched from your mind. By becoming un-clutched from your mind you will begin to live in a space that is free to observe, by and by you will learn to recognize this space, and know that your true identity is beyond your thoughts and mind.

You just can’t understand this logically you will need to experience it in your own life, the problem is that we are so heavily conditioned that awareness has not been allowed to blossom within us. People live the same life day in and day out and make no effort to penetrate the mysteries of life and our own being. In the words of Socrates “”An unexamined life is not worth living”, and I agree. It really baffles me that many will end up dying and never go into these issues deeply.

Many of us have only caught glimpses of pure awareness. Deep down we know we have experienced something magical, but since these moments are very short and fleeting, we brush them off. We just hope that we experience them again in the future. We catch these glimpses in extreme sports, driving fast, total relaxation, joy, orgasm, or being in love.

What is the state of being that we experience in these situations? We get a glimpse of “no mind”, when even if it is for a split second your mind becomes utterly empty, peace of mind, or rather peace from mind.

Do you remember a time when you became lost in your lovers eyes? You may have not been able to recognize it but you where in a space of total awareness, you gave him/her the purity of your attention, but where was your mind? You where simply present and totally available to your loved one. But as soon as you tried to verbalize what you where experiencing, you removed yourself from being with them totally. Thoughts are of time, of the past, awareness is of “no time” it is your consciousness functioning in the present.

So to me “living life” is to live with awareness, to be awake in the world, to just simply be. Living a life of awareness will help you discover: love, joy, and purpose.

As you increase your awareness you will discover the part of your being that exists as spontaneous joy. Living a spontaneous life means you make the leap into the unknown and will take responsibility for your actions no matter what they may be. Actions born free of your conditioning. You use the knowledge you have accumulated only if it is useful, but you do not become a slave to it if it will hinder your progress.

Also please don’t accept or deny anything I have said, this is your life so go find out for yourself, truth cannot be given to you by anyone. Words can be tricky when trying to describe the indescribable, impossible really, plus I am not very poetic so please forgive me.

We are all different so each journey will be different, ultimately the view from the top is the same, but getting there will be your own unique path. If you feel like anything I have said resonates with you, then please continue to read some of the posts listed below. I feel they will assist you in increasing your awareness 🙂

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14 Responses to Wake Up! Don’t Wait To Live Your Life

  1. Hey Ivan,
    Really good post! Sorry to hear about your grandmother:(

    I know about those moments of peak happiness and awareness you are talking about, but usually they don’t come so often. Once you start to recognize them and think how awesome life really is then you begin to appreciate it a lot more. It takes time and practice, but I really think a person can train themself to live their life to the fullest 🙂


  2. Ivan, First off let me say that you are in my prayers. Sorry to hear about your loss. I have heard you talk about your family and I heard the passion you have for them.

    Second. I believe we were all created to live in greatness. We really do need to live in this awareness you have just posted on… (Excellent Post) So many people have lived a life that has totally become un-aware that they have much value to offer anymore. We need to really become aware of the greatness that sets silent within us.

    To many of us are living in the state that you described your Grandmother living in during the last moments of her life here on earth.

    We are simply just existing without the sense of purpose.

    Thanks for the post my friend. Great job as always.

    .-= Jeff Wellman´s last blog ..Free Affiliate Marketing Training =-.

  3. I love this article! It really really speaks to me.
    I used to have a problem between my heart and my brain. My mind would become clouded with anger and I could not see over the fog.
    But then, through posts like this, and on meditation and presence, I started to develop awareness.
    Lately that awareness has not been practiced as much. The Power of Now and 8 Minute Meditation were incredibly instrumental in helping me become conscious.
    There are no times more beautiful then when you are fully present. I notice that when I think back to the times I was present, there is a crystal clear memory in my mind. But once that becomes a dominant state of being, those memories all become one.

    I’m sorry to hear about the family and friend loss. When I lost a family friend it was devastating. I can’t imagine what you’re going through.

  4. People may leave you, but hold their memory in your heart and they will continue on with you.
    I get visited by some who have passed on and I want you to know that they are always happy and full of joy. The fact that you are sad is actually a great indicator of how important and special these people were to you. They made a difference.
    Listen and watch closely for those who leave us, often leave small signals that they are still with you.

  5. I believe awareness in its purely form, separate from thought, is why one’s childhood is almost always the most memorable part of the average person’s life (one who does not live life for the present). As a child, you’re more able to observe & experience things for what they are and not as how your thoughts allow you to perceive them.

    This is why I see many truths in this post. 🙂

  6. Thank you for your words, for they do mean a lot, poetic or not. People will read and understand what is behind the words. I just found your website a few months ago and really enjoy your posts. They have helped me to continue to learn and evolve to a new level of understanding of myself.

    My heart goes out to you for your loss (your physical loss) but it is never really a “loss” because while they were here they gave you what they could to help you with your journey. Take heart in that.

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