You Were Born To Create: Whats Your Creative Purpose?

“When you discover your mission, you will feel its demand. It will fill you with enthusiasm and a burning desire to get to work on it.” W. Clement Stone

Life is truly a miraculous experience for all of us and each second we spend on earth is truly a gift.

You would think  the mere fact that we are even experiencing this material world would be enough to keep us in constant amazement.

We simply can’t wrap our minds around the meaning of our existence and the universe. Because the mystery of the universe is beyond the minds comprehension, many of us find it difficult in determining what our main purpose in life is.

The Universe is dynamic, it expands and creates through each and everyone one of us. I feel that our purpose is to simply create something new, to make known the unknown.

I encourage you to participate in the things that bring you joy. Creating from a state of joy creates things of immense beauty.

When we are operating from a state of joy, the deepest parts of our being are connected to a cosmic intelligence, it transcends logic. We simply become a medium in which the universe expresses itself through us.

How To Be Creative

The ultimate meaning (mystery) of life is unknown, but this is also what gives our life meaning. It’s what keeps us evolving and searching for the new and unknown.

This is why your personal life should be spent in unknown experiences; living in the unknown will give your life deep meaning. This is where most of your personal growth will occur.

You will be leading a life “full of life”, and your experiences will allow you to contribute something truly unique, because it will be coming from your own life experiences.

In a world of contribution there is no competition, no one can provide your own unique perspective, so there is no need to be competitive with anyone.

Competition only creates a negative environment, competition serves the ego.

Process To Find Your Creative Purpose:

1. Begin to dis identify yourself from your ego. If you are ever to make quantum leaps in your personal growth, you will need to have a deep understanding your ego and mind.
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2. Master Your Mind. You will need to master your mind so that you don’t become a slave to your thoughts and knowledge.
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3. Go into unknown experiences with your heart. To go into the unknown you will need the courage to jump into freedom.
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4. Use your intuition to guide you through new experiences. You need direction in life, direction belongs to your being. Use your intuition to know what direction in life you need to take.
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5. Be in tune with your feelings. Your feelings let you know how you are interacting with your environment. Learn to become aware yet not consumed by your feelings and emotions.
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6. Explore the activities that bring you joy and dive deeper into them.
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7. Find your own unique contribution within you, start with whatever makes you feel good.
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8. Live your joy as an extension of your being, this is authenticity.

I really hope you enjoyed this post on finding your creative purpose. Start today and soon you may find yourself centered around your inner space that is divine. It’s a beautiful place to be.

Try new things, put yourself in new situations, and let your path of action come from your heart.

I know that deep down you have something very special to share with the world; I look forward to the day I get to experience it. Keep shining my friend –  Ivan

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